Does Hemp Lotion Have Any Side Effects

Hemp lotion is said to be a cure for various skin conditions. This may include psoriasis, eczema and other dry-skin ailments. This lotion has been reported to have anti-inflammatory properties which make it not only a softening lotion but healing as well.

The lotion gets their main ingredient from the same plant, but not the same part of the plant. It is the marijuana that is illegal in many states, but the lotion is legal. The reason why lies in the difference between the working of the two. The lotions make use of the oil extracted from the seeds and does not render any psycho-active effects, where the marijuana are made by using the flowering parts of the female plants and deliver a fair dose of side effects.

The oil gets pressed from the seeds and are added to these lotions as the main ingredient. It is omega rich and therefore is labeled as a very good supplement of essential fatty acids. The ingredients softens and rejuvenates the skin and can not even closely be linked to the marijuana, which does not carry the same attributes.

Essential fatty acids consist of all the omega oils that are not naturally produced in the human body. Food and other supplements should be used to provide the body with these oils. Using essential oils on the skin may ensure healthy glowing skin that retain moisture better.

With wind, water and sun adversely affecting the human skin, many creams and potions has been developed over the years to help protect against these elements. Especially during the summer and the winter skin experience a deeper need for these oils. They might be provided to the body in the form of food or supplements and in extreme cases a cream that specifically addresses the problem should be applied regularly.

When someone has a severe condition they should seek medical help such as from a doctor or maybe a clinic or hospital. There are many dermatologists that may be able to assist a person with these queries. It is especially important to do this if the sufferer should be a child.

No additives or preservatives are added to these lotions and only natural ingredients are used. People with skin ailments should therefore not react negatively when using these products. The fatty acids used also makes it a products with regenerative properties and might help the skin stay firmer for longer.

Marijuana is illegal in many countries, except when it is used in medical applications. The oil from the hemp plant does not contain the same ingredients as the marijuana and is therefore not illegal. It has been claimed safe for use, young or old.

As with any routine, regular application should deliver better results than those who only apply it once in a while. The creams are available for different applications. There are hand creams and also those fit for whole body use.

When buying these products one should make sure of that it the original product bought and not an imitation. Various web-sites sell hemp products and might even have special prices. Therefore it is always good to shop around.

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