Looking Out For Medicare Fraud

Everybody has a right to be in good health and be provided the medical attention that they are entitled to. This is the reason why Medicare is so vital to everyone. In each country, Medicare benefits vary, but regardless, it is the government’s way of supporting their people in time of sickness. People rely on this assistance to get them through the financial burden of hospital bills and medication.

To enable the system of Medicare to be progressive, people and health providers should be truthful in using it. Fighting Medicare fraud is not easy but one can do their part in ensuring that all is in place. Medicare fraud takes place when one, as a beneficiary is billed for services or supplies that they didn’t get, yet Medicare pays for it. This is the purpose why it is imperative for beneficiaries to be watchful and always check their medical statement of accounts.

Upon noticing any discrepancies, call your physician or medical provider to clarify your concern. This is the first step to combating Medicare fraud. If in any event your physician or medical provider doesn’t help you, and you still suspect medical fraud, the next step, is to write a letter to the Medicare company that paid the claim.

Another type of Medicare fraud is when another person attempts to take your medical identity. This means that a total stranger can claim medical bills using your personal information.

This normally occurs when one has access to your SSS, personal details and your Medicare number. For this reason, it is very important not to volunteer any personal details openly. Be watchful and always check your MSN or Medical Summary Notices. If you detect anything usual, report it right away. To report Medicare fraud not only benefits you, personally, but also the millions of others who depend on the system.

Detection is one thing, but action is another. Responding to Medicare fraud will do much to save taxpayer’s money and ensure that it is used properly. Therefore make moves to avoid medical identity theft and Medicare fraud. Protect your personal information and closely watch your medical statement notices. Report any questionable charges that you see reflected on your MSN. If needed, get in touch with the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.

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