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Taking Those After Baby Pounds Off!

Posted in Fitness on April 9th, 2012 by Health Nut – Comments Off

So now that you’ve had your baby, how many people have asked you about when you plan to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight? In a culture that is filled with people who suffer from obesity and high BMIs, we are a little bit obsessed with weight. Today, it is assumed that after a woman has a baby, she should be in a big rush to lose all her baby weight. However, women all lose weight in keeping with their own bodies. If you are having trouble losing your baby weight, this article will provide you with some pointers that should help.

To begin with, you will have a hard time losing your baby weight if you don’t get sufficient exercise. Everyone interested in losing weight has to work out consistently. You cannot, however, exercise too vigorously if you’ve recently had a baby. It’s important to consistently do some kind of aerobic workout, as well as strength training. These workouts, however, should be low impact. You can actually get a good workout by pushing your baby’s stroller if your pace is healthy. You need exercise to burn some calories. At the same time, you can’t put too much stress on your body right after a pregnancy.

How much did you weigh before you got pregnant? Who wants to be asked that question? It is a fact that your weight after pregnancy is directly impacted by your weight before pregnancy. As long as you did not gain more weight than what the doc recommended during pregnacy you should find losing that weight fairly simple. Obese women tend to have a harder time losing the weight after pregnancy. You will have a very difficult time losing the weight you gained during pregnancy. Before you begin a weight loss routine consult your physician.

While you’ll come across moments where all you want is junk food, you should still try to make an effort to have healthy foods in your house. Fruit and vegetables make great snacks when you are hungry. Another plus side to these snack choices is that they are more nutritional for your body than chips or candy. The nutrients that fruits and veggies contain are really important for your body. Another good thing is that even if you’re trying to get rid of excess weight, you can eat any fruit and vegetable you want to. So, you can snack until you get the feeling that you are full and not have to feel aggravated that you may have destroyed all the efforts your put into your weight loss.

Some people struggle with pregnancy weight loss. For some women it is too easy it seems. Many factors play a role in how hard or easy the weight comes off. Getting back to your “old” size can be determined by the amount of exercise you are getting combined with your diet and pre-pregnancy weight as well. Don’t panic, we are all different! You should realize there is not method that is absolute and there is no time frame that is concrete so don’t worry about it just let it happen as you work on it.

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