6 Ways Why Your Pet Makes You Healthier

Owning a pet can have a lot impact on your life, and most of that is positive impact. However, just as your furry friend is here to make your life more pleasant, you should take good care of them. It is always a good idea to have a vet by your side, which is why, you should probably find one. You can call licensed East Ryde vet like Gordon Vet Hospital, if you need any suggestions.

Usually, when we arrive home from a long day at work, the one who is the happiest to see us is indeed our pet. This is something that can easily put a smile on your face, as your four-legged friend gets overly excited for your arrival. However, the benefits do not end here, as your pet can do a lot of things, that you might not even know about.

Having a dog as a best friend can be quite beneficial for both of you

  1. Reduced anxiety and stress

We all know that cats are overall calm beings, especially when they feel safe, and the sound of a cat purring as he/she is tucked in your lap or on your feet, can be very calming and soothing. It was shown that pets, especially cats can help relieve anxiety and stress, as children and homes with pets have a lot less stress.

  1. Low risk of allergies

There are a ton of people around the world who have nasal allergies, and we all know that pet dander is the most common trigger. This is why people think that getting a pet is a bad idea, but it can actually help a lot. There was a study that reported (in 2015 by Medical News Today) that with an exposure to farm animals and dogs in our early years will help us lower the risk of future allergies and even asthma.

  1. Healthy heart

Hearth disease is responsible for many deaths, and in U.S. about 610.000 people die from hearth failure. We all know that having a healthier lifestyle can reduce the risk factors, but did you know that if you have a pet, your heart risk is also very low?

Cats might look like they do not care, but they love their owners as much as dogs do

  1. Great social skills

We all have that special bond with our furry friends, and in fact, the statistics have shown that over 75% of people who have cats, and about 90% of dog owners consider their pets to be like a part of the family. The recent studies showed that owning a pet will increase your social skills and help you form stronger relationships.

  1. Improved mental health

1 in 5 adults are affected by mental health each year, together with the bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia that are some of the most common. While having a pet will not magically cure mental illness, it have been cases where the presence of a pet surely helped.

  1. Better sleep quality

While they are many pet owners who have dealt with issues of their pet crawling with them in the bed, but try not to kick them out! Studies have shown that sleeping with your pet will increase the sleep quality and help you get some good rest.

Final word

If you own a pet, you should treat them like a part of the family because that is how they will treat you. That means that you should also look after their health, and if you need a suggestion for a good vet hospital, you can visit https://gordonvet.com.au/turramurra-vet/ anytime.