How to Prepare for Eye Examination

Often people who go for their first eye examination are nervous, as they wonder what may happen while undergoing eye testing. They often ask questions to know how they should prepare them for eye examination.

However, if you visit any eye clinic for eye exam near me, the eye specialist will assure you that there is no preparation necessary to undergo any kind of eye testing. Eye examination can be done without taking much of your time and also you do not have to undergo any kind of pain.  All it takes is few minutes to be examined by the eye doctor.

Even a child of the age of 12 to 18 months can also undergo eye examination if they need eye checking due to any reason. It is an easy procedure that you have to undergo and the doctor will not ask you to wait for few days to inform you about your eye condition. As a matter of fact, the eye specialist will let you know if he found any abnormalities in your eyes immediately after examining your eyes.

However, if you want to do some preparation before visiting any eye clinic for your eye examination then you must bring certain medical information about your health condition. The following are few documents that any eye specialist will like to see while conducting your eye test. This will help him to do accurate diagnosis about your eye problem.

Following are few reports that an Optometrist will like to see while examining your eyes:

  • Medical history of your family

There are certain medical problems that are likely to develop to be predicted during   eye examination by looking at your family’s medical history. Problems like diabetes, which may not be directly related to your vision, can be predicted during eye test and if it is found in your family history too then the doctor can also confirm that the problem is imminent. Similarly, problems like high blood pressure is also passed down from your parents. Your eye doctor therefore needs to know about your family’s health issues.

  • How you use your eyes

Doctors would like to know how much time you spend on the computer, TV and reading or writing. Do you focus on close by objects or far objects during your work?

  • Previous history of eye problem

If you have any past history with eye problem then you must bring all reports about the treatments you have undergone.